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Jutta Kellenberger

Weekend Retreats in London 

Spring 2024


Tao Basics | 9-10 March | 10:00-18:00

Healing Love | 6-7 April | 10:00-18:00

at Camden Chinese Community Centre

Early Bird -10% until 1st January 2024: 

£225 per weekend or £432 for both

(Full price £250/£480)

Empower your healing journey and join senior Universal Healing Tao instructor Jutta Kellenberger for her first ever UK retreats! This is a rare opportunity to be guided in person by one of the best and most loved Tao practitioners in the world. Jutta has trained and worked closely with Grandmaster Mantak Chia since 1984 and has been a senior instructor since 2001, teaching regularly in Tao Garden and bringing her wisdom to students all over the world.

The practices taught in this series form the essential basis of your healing energy cultivation and is suitable for beginners of any gender, background and ability, as well as experienced practitioners who wish to grow with Jutta's direct energy transmission and guidance.

Places are limited for this small retreat so be sure to book early! Please contact UHT UK Co-ordinator Matthew Bosley on or +447849884251 to book and enquire. 

More information on what you will learn on Jutta's website: Tao Basics 9-10 March and Healing Love 6-7 April

Jutta Kellenberger

What will you learn?


Fundamental practices of the Universal Healing Tao to grow your healing life-force and deeply nourish your mind, body and spirit. Includes warm-up Qigong, Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds, and simple qigong, Chi Self-Massage, Tao Yin, and Iron Shirt Qigong. 


Taoist Secrets of Love & Healing Love – This Single and Dual Cultivation practice in the Aroused and Unaroused State conserves and transforms sexual energy while invigorating and rejuvenating the body’s vital functions. These techniques of Ovarian and Testicle Breathing, Scrotum & Ovarian Compression, Power Lock, Big Draw, and Valley Orgasm enhances sexual fulfilment & physical improvement as vital energy is exchanged with one’s partner without the indiscriminate loss of emotional & sexual energy.

(For both men and women, this workshop is fully clothes-on, with no intimacy, and guided by one of the most respected teachers in this field.)

If you wish to gain teaching certification, please enquire - Jutta may be able to offer evaluation while she is here.


Camden Chinese Community Centre

9 Tavistock Place,


Located centrally in the heart of Bloomsbury, just 5-10 minutes walk from London Kings Cross St. Pancras International, and Euston Stations.

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