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The little old man behind the curtain

Fear is a fraudulent bundle of repetitive thoughts and old trapped emotions. I'm not talking about the type of chemical response activated when you come face to face with a tiger, which helps you in your fight/flight/hide reaction. Heart rate increases, pupils dilate, exaggerated alertness, etc. But in our modern sterile lives, the 'tiger' is simulated anywhere, any time, by a thought. Instead of going into a state of rest and repair, psychological fear or stress tricks the the body into fight or flight, and energy is understandably not channelled into maintenance ("feed and breed"/ "rest and digest") in the face of a tiger. That's why stress actually makes you ill. Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza and Greg Braden talk about this beautifully in a scientific manner, this isn't just poetic mumbo jumbo...

You look into it: what stimulates this fight or flight response in you? To what extent is it utterly ridiculous? It's different in everyone, which is why bizarrely some people like speaking to new people, being bee keepers, acting on the stage...or, even, saying the truth!

Fear is also the obstacle in the way of growth and development. I don't think I have ever done a worthwhile thing in my life before being a little or very scared about it. And then, as the fear is slowly eroded through exposing its fraudulence, so the ability to do things increases. There's often something there which quietly reminds me "you need to do this regardless". That's probably the heart speaking (see previous blog: Where does joy and love come from?)

Exposing the fraudulence of fear

Fear speaks like that monstrous green, demanding thing that is apparently the Wizard of Oz. The act of recognising that it is in fact a ridiculous simulation (a loud thought or emotion) by drawing back the curtain (taking a moment to observe the mind/be in the heart) is more or less the act of liberating yourself from the fraud. It's also fundamentally funny. This is the path of development, clear thinking and joy! Also know that when an authority figure is attempting to make you fearful in some way, this is also false, and funny. The authority figure is also wracked with fear, mostly of the exposure to be a weak little old man with some buttons and a microphone. You are never the subject of power; that's oppression, from an assumption of victimhood. You ARE the true power.

There is no need to allow the environment to appear threatening; that is literally an illusion. And don't worry, your intelligent body will still be able to run away from a tiger if it sees one. But for goodness sake, if the tiger isn't there, what are you running from?

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