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Astrology gives us profound insights and clarity, illuminates our authentic potential, and reminds us of deeper purpose. Your birth chart is the musical score to your life, and a reading can help you to play this music beautifully. An astrological consultation can be a life-affirming and awe-inspiring experience. I also offer guidance on important issues or dilemmas you face in life.

Whilst I work towards the prestigious Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS) Diploma, I am offering a reduced fee for the services listed below. I am also a graduate of the Horary Practitioner course from the School of Traditional Astrology (STA).

Consultations take place on Zoom (or in-person can be arranged if local) or in written format. It is also popular as a gift for a curious loved one! Please contact me to express your needs and I can offer the best session for you.


Guidance from the stars


Natal Astrology and forecasting
(individual chart)

An exploration of your birth chart to uncover your character and psychological dynamics. This can trigger a deep recognition of authentic potential and can be a healing experience. It can be catered to your current needs and circumstances and includes a forecast of the cosmic opportunities at play in your life. 


A consultation enables you to live more authentically, confidently and freely.


Relationship Astrology
(two charts)

Astrology gives invaluable insights to understand your relationship dynamics (of all kinds) and important others in your life. By assessing the gifts and possible challenges, you can navigate your relationships with more wisdom, joy and satisfaction.


Permission from both people is essential. Consultation on family dynamics or more than two people is also possible.  


Horary Astrology
(a specific issue or question)

Get reliable answers to your questions and guidance over a genuinely pressing issue that comes up. Examples include whether to get married?, buy this property?, if I should take a job? or even where is my valuable lost item?!

I am qualified by the very reputable School of Traditional Astrology (STA) in this technique. 

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