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Explore your cosmic blueprint

My astrology readings offer useful insights and clarity to help you move through life, illuminate your authentic potential, and can remind you of a deeper purpose. Your birth chart is the musical score to your life, and a reading can help you to play this music more beautifully. A consultation can be a life-affirming and awe-inspiring experience. I also offer guidance on important issues or dilemmas you face in life and open a receptive, uplifting space for conversation.

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Whilst I work towards the prestigious Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS) Diploma, I am offering a reduced fee for the services listed below. I am also a graduate of the Horary Practitioner course from the School of Traditional Astrology (STA). In 2023 I was given the Lindsay Radermacher award by FAS for an outstanding certificate exam with distinction. 

Consultations take place on Zoom, in-person if in London, or in written format. It is also popular as a gift for a curious loved one! Please contact me to express your needs. Types of services are below. For a birth chart reading, I will need an accurate time, date and place of birth. However, if time is not known, a more limited reading is still possible.


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Services I offer...


Relationship reading
(two charts) - £90

Astrology gives invaluable insights to understand your relationship dynamics (of all kinds) and important others in your life. By assessing the gifts and challenges, you can navigate your relationships with more wisdom, joy and satisfaction.


Permission from both people is essential. Consultations for family or more than two people is also possible.  

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Birth chart reading and forecasting
(individual) - £70

An exploration of your unique birth chart in a discussion of your character and psychological dynamics. This can trigger a deeper recognition of authentic potential and can be a healing, affirming or clarifying experience. People often come at periods of change or flux, or at times of important decisions.


Whatever your situation, the reading can be flexible to address what is on your mind. I also offer follow-up consultations with ongoing clients.


Horary reading
(a specific issue or question) - £40

Get reliable answers to your questions and guidance over a genuinely pressing issue that comes up. Examples include whether to get married?, buy this property?, if I should take a job? or even where is my valuable lost item?! Express your problem to me, and once I understand the question, the horary chart is created.

I am qualified by the School of Traditional Astrology (STA) in this technique. 


I made the decision to consult Matthew after having been dealing with a personal issue for a very long time, and after much reflection and exploration, I had reached the point where I needed some concrete guidance and answers.

Prior to the reading, Matthew asked me to provide him with a brief description of the issue that was concerning me along with my birth details. During these initial exchanges, Matthew was very open and attentive in his communication with me, qualities that he also brought into the consultation. During our session, he was able guide me through the complexities of the chart, explaining his decision-making process as well as picking up accurately and with great depth the psychological dynamics of my situation and query. All these were delivered in a firm yet empathic way which I really appreciated and valued.


The consultation with him offered me the closure that I needed to move on with my life and also reinforced the wonderful potential of astrology, at least the way Matthew practises it, for empowerment and healing. I know I will be back next time I find myself at crossroads, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone needing astrological support and guidance.

Spiros Philippas | Astrologer & Psychotherapist | 2024

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