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Transform stress into vitality with Inner Alchemy Qigong!

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"Matthew has a very calming aura, which helped me to really connect in the sessions. I always went in feeling stressed about something and came out feeling pure joy!"

Natalie, student, 2021

A healing energy practice: meditation, movement and breath for deep relaxation and spiritual cultivation

Matthew Bosley
Universal Healing Tao

Founded by Grandmaster Mantak Chia, the Universal Healing Tao system is rooted in the ancient healing traditions of Taoism from China. Transforming stress into life force, cultivating sexual vitality, inviting greater love, joy and peace, emotional and physical healing can be expected on the path of the Tao! I am an Associate Instructor and a UK Country Co-ordinator with the Universal Healing Tao (UHT profile here), joining a community of over 2500 instructors in 57 countries. 


The beauty of these simple, efficient energy practices is that they can be integrated into an everyday routine. Sitting on a chair, standing or lying down, you don't need a large space or super flexibility to start out.


Become aware of the emotional pain energy in your body and transmute it into radiant health! Notice what triggers the pain and relax into it. "Inner Alchemy" Qigong is about the magic that goes on inside, so become a master of inner-attention...Where your attention goes, energy flows!

For free updates on Universal Healing Tao UK activities and events:

Matthew Bosley Qigong
Matthew Bosley Qigong

What I teach


Inner Smile: core practice of all Taoist meditation! Develop the essential ability to look, feel into and connect with the inner body. Send healing love to the organs, allowing them to function and communicate optimally.

Microcosmic Orbit: activate the proper flow of energy through the central channel running up the spine and down the front of the body. Important practice to allow healing chi to move freely to where it needs to, used also to nourish the whole body by circulating sexual energy in the healing love course.

Six Healing Sounds: release and recycle stuck emotional garbage into nutritious energy through gestures and specific sounds which resonate with the good vibrations of the organs.  

Chi Self-Massage: rejuvenate your skin, activate acupressure points, bring relaxation to organs, abdominal, joints, muscles, tendons and bones. 


Craniosacral Qigong: activate the pumping systems of the body with movement and breathing techniques to promote good circulation and distribution of chi, blood and spinal cord fluid. 


Wisdom Qigong: awaken the healing light of the Tao. Meditations using inner light, colours, and inviting the intelligence of nature and the planets.


Stem Cell Activation Qigong: methods to replace sick/damaged cells. Includes hitting and self-massage techniques, organ detoxification, gland activation and skin and bone breathing.    


Five Element Qigong: a moving meditation to create harmony in the five major organs, gathering abundance from Earth and blessing from Heaven. Tonify the organs.

In addition, I practice and have received tuition in Sexual Alchemy/ Healing Love, Tantien Qigong, Iron Shirt Qigong, Primordial Alchemy Qigong, Tai Chi Qigong, Tao Yin, Cosmic Healing, Fusion of the Five Elements and Chi Nei Tsang (organ massage).


I currently offer one-on-one training: 

FOUR CLASSES for £150, or 

TEN CLASSES for £350.

Each session is 1 hour 30 mins over Zoom and you will have the option to keep a recording for your private use. Classes are suitable for both complete beginners and those who want to deepen their practice.

Please contact me to make an enquiry or if you have any questions about the practice.

Matthew Bosley Qigong
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