Transform stress into vitality through the Tao!

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Matthew has a very calming aura, which helped me to really connect in the sessions. I always went in feeling stressed about something and came out feeling pure joy!

Natalie, student, 2021

A healing energy practice: combining meditation, movement and breath for deep relaxation and spiritual cultivation

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The Universal Healing Tao system, founded by Mantak Chia, is rooted in the ancient healing traditions of Taoism from China. Transforming stress into vitality, cultivating sexual energy, inviting greater love, joy and peace into your life, and emotional and physical healing are some of the side effects to expect on the path of the Tao!

I am an Associate Instructor with the Universal Healing Tao (UHT profile here), joining a community of over 2500 instructors in 57 countries. I am currently qualified to teach Microcosmic Orbit, Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Self-Healing Qigong and Self-Massage.

On my "Inner Alchemy Basics" course, you will learn:

- Emotional wisdom and healing practices for every day life

- How to stimulate and free energy (chi) flow for greater vitality and health

- How to cultivate life force and feel connected with your inner and outer universe

Please contact me if you would like to find out more or would like to arrange a workshop.

In addition, I practice and have received tuition in:

- Sexual Alchemy/ Healing Love

- Tantien Qigong

- Iron Shirt Qigong

- Primordial Alchemy Qigong

- Tai Chi

- Craniosacral Qigong

- Stem Cell Qigong

- Tao Yin 

- Cosmic Healing Qigong