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Peter Schlemiel

adapted by Matthew Bosley from Adelbert von Chamisso's novella, translated by Peter Wortsman


The Karamel Club Theatre and Theatre N16 1-7 July 2016.


Peter Schlemiel is the haunting story of an ordinary man who foolishly exchanges his shadow for endless fortune and fame, and must face the bitter consequences. This brand new adaptation by Matthew Bosley is a physical, robust and darkly humorous reimagining of Adelbert von Chamisso’s classic 19th century novella. Visually and aurally striking, the show plunges you into Peter’s extraordinary world of shadows, forests and existential dread, and confronts resonating issues today of status anxiety, the race for success, and social isolation.   


Producer: Tim Chittenden
Set/Sound Designer: Robert Hill
Lighting Designer: Edvardas Bazys
Costume Designer: Keely Hawkins



Peter Schlemiel Matthew Bosley Theatre Director


masterfully directed and adapted for the stage by Matthew Bosley. In this highly affecting adaptation, lighting, set, costume, sound, dialogue and choreography are beautifully coordinated to create a sophisticated piece which continues to resonate long after you’ve left the theatre. (Alchemy Reviews)


striking and well-executed, hearkening back to the primeval fairytale myth-making pulsing through the play's veins. (London City Nights)

Matthew Bosley's well-balanced and inventive direction incorporates interesting and descriptive physical movement which at times borders on dance, but also features a touch of the grotesque - with appropriate glimpses of pantomime or farce. [...] there's a great deal to enjoy and admire in Peter Schlemiel: interesting ideas, subtle - and not so subtle - touches of humour, confident and credible acting, an effectively-designed soundscape - all delivered with a vigour that never flags. ★★★★ (ActDrop)

An enjoyably dark tale [...] Matthew Bosley fills the stage with movement and intense physicality. The eeriness is accentuated by effective use of lighting and sound effects. (Wandsworth Radio)


Peter Schlemiel Matthew Bosley Theatre Director


Photography: Daisy Hale

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