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Where does joy and love come from?

Or, world peace starts here!

Have you experienced that? - you no longer enjoy doing something you once used to. You are no longer infatuated with someone. You seek desperately to find that joy afresh, in the same, or other things/people, and the harder you try the faster it seems to run away. How is it that something or someone can seem to give you joy one moment, then not the next? Pretty numbing if you derive your sense of identity from this stuff that comes and goes.

The simple truth is: we are the source of love and joy; it is here within us, and it's only a projection that something outside of us "gives" it to us. It's the other way round! We think: "you" or "that" will "complete" me. It might give you that illusion, until agitation comes again. What an error! Why? All the abundance we could desire is already here. Enjoy means infuse with your joy; you en-joy it! The dependence on external circumstances for joy then recedes, and it becomes more like a state of being.

The need for more, for control, the seeking of conflict, of status, of psychological or physical domination and everything that causes dis-ease in the world, starts from this gruesome place of lack; the belief that joy and love is out there somewhere just waiting to be found. How miserable. How unnecessary!

Where, specifically, is love and joy "within" us? In this energy field we call the body?

Love is the creative impulse of the universe

Specifically, we could say, it's in the heart!

A heavy heart, a broken heart, light hearted, big hearted, cold hearted, etc...

These aren't just abstract expressions, they're fundamentally based on what can be sensed in there!

When I place attention on the heart, (or heart 'chakra', if you like) brought into awareness can also be a pressing, tight sensation. This is caused by the cumulative pain of seeking love outside of me, which I would guess is the habitual human condition. Then, when you feel separation or rejection, this pain is registered in the energy field as a heaviness or a blockage. Go inwardly, see for yourself! When we feel pain we tend to want to escape from it, but when we are aware of it, and know it simply to be energy which isn't moving freely, that's the beginning of liberation. It gets lighter. It's miraculous and mysterious but it's true.

From the perspective of the mind, love doesn't often make much sense at all. It wants to stretch out and spread its wings. It might even look dangerous, awkward, or find expression in the form of dancing in unexpected places, a leaping dolphin, blossom in spring or a Beethoven symphony. I might be so bold as to say: love is the creative impulse of the universe.

You find, too, that the heart is the master of the house, and the head is a good servant. You know it in your heart, and your actions are inspired by this place.

Home is where the heart is, and love does heal.

Wherever I am, I am home.

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