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Spring Forward with Unique Potential

April 2024's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus might take you to new places, even bizarre unexplored territory (physically yes, but also new insights and information) and the world could see a peak in big shocks and turbulence, with sudden innovation and revelation. This could be technological, scientific, spiritual, and particularly to do with discovering this weird and wonderful Mother Earth, our bodies, and the universe - as if for the first time. It is a restless period in which there is a real urge to break free from limitation and stagnation, and take a quantum leap forward into the future. This energy is also encouraging us to step into our strange and unique contribution in a confident way.

At such descriptions, some people often look in horror: "oh what's going to happen?! Is it going to be good or bad?!" Well - that's up to you! Never are you either 'victim' or 'winner' of the astrology. What the astrology describes is energetic potential which you are in the powerful position of being able to create my question is how are you going to allow in and ride this cosmic wave with the most possible enjoyment? It is dependant as always on your state of consciousness. Indeed this event for those ready could experience more sudden enlightenment, an awakening to truth, and to the truth of who you are beyond this physical form.

Often, in order to allow in the radically new and a lighter way of being, we also have to be open to allowing the old and heavy to fall away from us, like shedding an old skin - and this part is not necessarily easy, since we are normally conditioned to stick with what's safe and familiar; to hold on to our stuff for dear life. But here, if you grip on tight to your outdated modes of behaviour, forms of comfort which are not good for your forward momentum, or even literal unnecessary possessions and baggage, it could bring the feeling of upheaval, pain or loss, and that circumstances out of your control are out to get you.

An unfamiliar yet exhilarating opportunity presents itself: check with your intuition and use discrimination of course, but consider taking that leap into the unknown and see what new horizons lie ahead. And go with love!

To see what kind of totally weird events and insights are coming your way to play with, see what house this conjunction falls in: look where 21 degrees Taurus is. The conjunction happens in mid-April, and we'll feel the charged energy throughout March and June too. Maybe it even aspects a planet of yours, or an angle, in which case it'll be super charged.

You can book a reading with me to uncover your unique potential and see what exciting opportunities for growth lie ahead.

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