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A new chapter begins: Saturn in Pisces

Updated: Feb 26

In March 2020, the world was shocked into a radically different social structure. What happened? Amongst other rather heavy activity, Saturn had just entered the sign of Aquarius (on the 23rd to be precise – the day the UK went into ‘lockdown’.) In this blog I simply want to focus on the effect SATURN has on defining the energy of the times, because on 7th March 2023, Saturn will enter the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and stay there until 2025-2026. I want to offer a flavour of this energetic shift, as well as a few suggestions about how it will manifest in the world. Keep in mind this is just one aspect of the whole astrological picture, albeit a significant one. If you’re interested, please read the whole article for context, but just skip to my forecast if you really can’t be arsed.

Saturn ♄

Saturn was traditionally thought to be the end of the solar system because it is the last wandering star visible to our naked eye. Just as this implies, Saturn represents boundaries, and associated concepts of limitation, contraction, rules, structure, hierarchy, and plenty else besides. Saturn is about how we define our three-dimensional reality, which includes the measurement of time as well as space. In our own chart, it can signify where we have fears or the feeling of limitation or blockage, but because of that, it is where we can put in a lot of hard work and graft. Working well with Saturn can be very productive. Saturn is about work, mastery, control, and authority, and represents tradition and status quo, so can rule government and established corporations and structures.

Aquarius ♒

It is common for people to think that Aquarius is a watery sign because of the name, the wavy glyph, and the associations with the ‘water-bearer’. But, shockingly (in true Aquarian fashion), it’s not. It’s air. I’ve come to see the glyph ♒ as waves of FREQUENCY, as the energetic fabric or energetic ‘sea’ that we are immersed in. Because of this, Aquarius has much to do with technology and electromagnetic frequencies in a literal sense, but importantly it describes our communicative sea of information exchange: social connection, humanity, progressive and ideological thinking. Aquarius is about the NEW, and therefore the divergent and the different, giving it associations with quirkiness and eccentricity, as well as innovation and freedom. It can be very cerebral energy; rational and scientific.

During Saturn in Aquarius we have seen an awesome proliferation of online communication structures like Zoom, which has meant ever-quicker access to information and social connection. Quite obviously we experienced a radically different new social structure. How much the phrase ‘new ♒ normal ♄’ was on the lips of people around the world as we became socially ♒ alienated ♄. A huge emphasis from authority ♄ was on the technological feats ♒ of the pharmaceutical industry, and we were told that the whole of humanity ♒ should comply ♄ to new ♒ rules ♄ . It’s important to note that the archetype of Saturn as described above is strongly functioning in Aquarius because the planet ‘rules’ this sign. Another interesting development was that of new, innovative ♒ ways of working ♄, as well as pondering the future of work, how technology can be used, and so on. It was a time of defining ♄ freedom and the progression of humanity ♒. For some, freedom appeared to come through cooperation ♒ and responsibility ♄, and others saw how humanity ♒ was being controlled by the establishment ♄.

Pisces ♓

This is the last sign of the zodiac, and as such we can think of Pisces as an energy of release and dissolving, undoing stagnated physical form before the fresh start of Aries. This is ‘mutable water’ and is very flexible and flowing like water (and, indeed, like its free fishy inhabitants) but it can also be an unfathomably powerful and destructive. It is the sign most associated with spirituality, creativity, dreams, the imagination, and sensitive feeling. We could consider each sign of the zodiac to be a reaction against the preceding one: Aquarius was mental, ideological, and even though it has to do with humanitarianism, it is not necessarily compassionate in the feeling sense and could bring out a cold and detached dogmatism…so Pisces brings back the soul big time, and seeks to intuitively merge with others, releasing all boundaries to emotional connection. This could also mean a little vagueness.

Saturn in Pisces

(7th March 2023 – 25th May 2025 and 2nd September 2025 – 14th February 2026)

When Saturn enters a sign, it brings form and structure to that energy; you can see it in 3D. Now, Saturn in Pisces seems a very odd placement because it is a coming together of opposite energies – the planet of boundaries in the sign of boundlessness! On a collective level, this might feel like a loss ♓ of control ♄, a state ♄ of confusion or flux ♓, perhaps with the question of “what are the rules ♄ when authority ♄ is so hazy ♓?”. The chains ♄ are released ♓, and the boundaries ♄ are transcended ♓. Perhaps when Saturn goes into Aries ♈ in 2025-26, there will be a fresh ♈ sense of focus ♄, but let us explore Saturn in Pisces a bit more, and I will stop using the glyphs now…

What does it say about political systems and establishment? Saturn in Aquarius was about new order. With Saturn in Pisces, a far more feeling, reflective and introspective nature emerges. Among the symbolism is undoubtedly peace contracts and opening borders. Open borders of course might sound wonderfully positive, but there is always a possible dark side present involving a disregard for borders and indeed a merging of global authority, in a hidden, misty sort of way. The last Saturn in Pisces (approx. 1993-1996) saw the opening of the Channel Tunnel connecting the UK with the continent (a structure in water overcoming boundaries) and the Schengen Agreement came into effect allowing easy movement between EU countries. However, Saturn in Pisces 1935-1938 also saw Hitler declaring the need for ‘living space’, and the effect of that infamous political brainwashing. In 1964-1967, it marked the beginning of the huge anti-Vietnam War protests, flower power, and the Civil Rights Bill which abolished racial segregation in the US. This is a tiny selection of correlating examples amongst the astrological bigger picture. Here is a good article listing more.

As Pam Gregory points out, the theme of ownership and division of the ocean is also consistent with the symbolism. There could be a sense of compassionate leadership and sensitive authority, but as already hinted, status quo becomes a bit blurry. Pisces also has to do with the media, so regulation of the media could be a theme, and a focus on the authority (or exposure of the lack thereof) of the media.

What about ways of working? In Aquarius, the emphasis was on ‘the future of work’, the use of technology to enhance work, and so on, which changed a lot of working patterns around the globe. Saturn’s shift into Pisces could mean more intuitive and compassionate connection with our colleagues and indeed ourselves. Transcending stiff hierarchies or rigid systems might be a theme, and it will generally be excellent for work involving healing, creativity, and the imagination. It is a time when mastery can be brought to these areas of spirituality and creativity, and a good time to start a career out of your ideals. Finding our ‘dream’ working situation is certainly on the agenda, but perhaps for many there will be fogginess about what work means exactly, as established ways of doing things can dissolve. There could be a feeling of fluctuation, crisis, and drifting if work is not meaningful. Saturn in Pisces could indicate redundancy and the end of outdated forms of work. Charitable working and needing to be of service is also a theme.

The last Saturn in Pisces saw the release of the first PlayStation. This time round we might see an increase in virtual, immersive, and alternative realities, and more wish to escape reality. Potent Pluto in futuristic Aquarius will also have more to say on that.

How do we feel? As I have suggested, Pisces is a beautiful energy for the creative, sensitive, and spiritual souls amongst us. Pisces balances out any cold rationalism that Aquarius brought so we might feel more emotional. There may be more mourning than usual, but also a feeling of a universal, spiritual love which binds us, rather deeper in nature than the Aquarian-type connection over Zoom and social media.

What do we fear? Saturn can be what is feared. For reasons which are probably obvious, there has been fear of the future, fear of technology, fear of the air waves and fear of spending time in community, all of which is thoroughly Aquarian. (Again, Pluto will be moving into Aquarius and taking over this role for twenty years, which I am going to write about in another article, because it’s huge.) Saturn in Pisces could be fear of unseen forces, fear of spirituality, and fear of water. There could also be water regulation of some kind. What’s hidden in the water? – what’s hidden in my blood? – what’s ‘out there’? - are the dead making contact with us? For those who think matter is all that exists and there is no such thing as spirit, it could be unnerving. Quantum science has shown us for a long time that physical reality is an illusion to our limited human senses, and perhaps there will be an extra focus on this. Indeed, astrology would impossible in a purely material universe of moving rocks and gas, but ‘unseen forces’ are much more profound than all this…

Be aware, as always, of how our fear of the unknown is manipulated by authority. Extra-terrestrial life is likely to be a lot less hostile than world governments…for example. Pisces is also about illusion, and Saturn could bring a focus on how authority is deceptive, and authority may be extra slippery. Or we might be in a state of delusion. Our experience of these shifts is subjective, and part of the reason astrologers forecast is so we can embrace the energies on offer in a way which is most empowering for us.

Finally, repeating a beautiful observation from Pam Gregory, Saturn in Pisces is about the structure ♄ of water ♓, which is so central to our health. For example, the energetic structure of tap water can be depleted in comparison to naturally flowing water. It is a reminder of Masaru Emoto’s famous study of how water responds to emotional frequency and it also prompts me to highlight Thomas Cowan’s understanding of blood and how it circulates in the body

Focus on fluidity, and all will be well!

What does Saturn in Pisces mean personally? That depends on your birth chart. If you have planets in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) or angles in Pisces and Virgo, then Saturn during this period could be stimulating hard work, gravitas, and responsibility in the corresponding area of life.

And if you have no idea what I am on about, do get in touch with me or book a chart consultation!

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