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Triple Conjunction in Taurus: Shaking up the soil

On the 31st July/1st August 2022 there is a rare and highly charged triple conjunction (an alignment from our perspective, indicating a blending of planetary energies) of Uranus, the North Lunar Node and Mars.

What does this mean? I will describe the implication of the blend for us collectively, but for you personally, see where 18˚ Taurus falls in your chart. You can get a free, no subscription chart at, but unless this conjunction significantly aspects any of your natal planets, the information will only come if you have an accurate birth time, as you will then know in which ‘house’ it falls; that is, which area of life it will impact. For me this conjunction is sensitive, because it is exactly on my Descendant, or 7th House cusp, which is fundamentally about relationship. Because this event is highly charged with the unpredictable nature of Uranus, it would be easy to resist, brace and batten down the hatches. Instead, my advice would be to open, invite in, and allow it to shake up any stagnation. It may indeed be a test to see, spiritually speaking, whether you are building your house upon the sand or the rock.

Uranus and the North Node are already closely conjunct and this will be felt for a longer period, but I point to the 1st August because this is the greatest moment of exactitude, and when Mars enters the mix. Uranus and the North Node meet every 15 years but they last came together in Taurus in 1855. Such a conjunction with Mars close to this degree in Taurus apparently happened in 324 BC.

I'm now going to summarise each of the three components, and it should become clear what the 'blend' entails. I'm not going to speculate about how this could literally manifest in the world but I think the energetic description could speak for itself.

Uranus in Taurus (2018-2026)

It takes 84 years for Uranus to orbit the sun, so it spends approximately seven years in each sign of the zodiac. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, the world had recovered from the Depression but was hit by the Second World War. Taken alone as a sign, Taurus is ‘fixed earth’ and values long-term stability, peace and material security, and also has to do with the body, the senses, agriculture and also finance. Uranus on the other hand is an archetype of revolution, electricity, shocks, disruption, technology, truth, and the future. The literal symbolism therefore is disruption to the status quo and radical changes to the Earth. To give one example on a personal level, Uranus has been moving through my sixth house of health, so I unexpectedly began my Qigong practice, which has got to do with energy/electric currents (Uranus) in the body (Taurus). This transit on a general global scale is involving the application of technology to the body, technology in finance, innovations in agriculture, innovations in sustainable energy, and so on.

North Node in Taurus (January 2022 - July 2023)

The nodes indicate our collective destiny: in the most simplistic of terms, the south node is where we are coming from and the north node is where we are going to. In a natal chart, where the north node falls indicates the main area of life you are pulled to develop, which also implies challenge. The north node entered the peaceful, stable, earthy sign of Taurus in January, and at that time there seemed to be a very marked shift in attitude towards “living with the virus”. The south node is always in the sign opposite, and indicates where we have come from and what we need to move beyond. In this case it is Scorpio, an intense sign to do with power, sexuality and taboo. Basically, the challenge presented by this nodal axis is to move into peace and stability through the process of digging up toxic power.

Mars in Taurus (5th July – 20th August 2022)

This conjunction feels particularly ‘in operation’ throughout the month and a half that Mars is in Taurus. Indeed, I am prompted to write this article just as Mars has entered the sign. There is now a feeling of ‘here we go’, as Mars lustily speeds towards its unification with Uranus. Mars is the archetype of energy, passion, drive (both sexual and in ambitious terms). Mars in Taurus channels an energy of assertion which is determined and stubborn, with great practical and material orientation. This energy of the RED planet (Mars), in the sign of the BULL (Taurus) has obvious implications. Basically, it adds an element of ‘oomph’ to this conjunction, as if under the influence of Red Bull, and makes it particularly rare.

Combine the ingredients, and give it a taste…

Freedom-fighting (Uranus-Mars) and revolutionary this certainly is. Quick, shocking and turbulent earth events there certainly could be. A sense of rattled security, major truths being unearthed, new information affecting the human body. It could be exciting or it could be disturbing, depending on your state of consciousness. It could be a necessary shake-up, with powerful innovation implied. All these things are potentialities, and I would emphasise that the north node brings a feeling of inevitability or destiny to whatever is going on: again, in the sign of Taurus, peace and stability is the collective result of rising to the collective challenge. Basically, this conjunction indicates the potential for a new stability arising out of instability. It is a major 'New Earth' episode, as old structures continue to collapse. I would describe this conjunction as a kind of destined catalyst.

A tight sextile (60˚ away) with Venus in Cancer seems to be feeding this conjunction with a softly benign and motherly quality, and I can’t help thinking of Venus here smiling her grace onto an otherwise turbulent event. Venus is the ruler of Taurus where this conjunction occurs, so she feels a bit like a supervisor.

To use an appropriate Uranian lightning metaphor: the electric circuitry in a house needs grounding so that a bolt of lightning can pass straight through to the ground and not fry the house. Similarly, if you are grounded and in peace, you could experience this as an exciting energetic upgrade. If not, maybe you'll be frazzled.

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