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Matthew Bosley

...more vitality, ease, purpose, and flow!

Welcome! I am Matthew, an Astrologer and teacher of moving energy meditation, Qigong.

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"
- Rumi


Co-create a truly fulfilling life using your cosmic blueprint! Astrology is an amazing tool to help guide you into a more authentic self-expression, shed light on your potential, and allow you to relax into the cosmic flow.

Tao Energy Practices

Release tension, create inner harmony, and grow your life-force to heal the body. With these ancient and simple practices, turn your stress into vitality, and ground the freedom and love of awakening spirit in the body. 

About me


Until my late twenties, my vocation was as an actor and director in theatre. I grew up with a love for the stage and the arts, studied and trained in theatre, and throughout my twenties I worked professionally in the industry. In the process of awakening spiritually, I sensed how uneasy I was in my body and environment. I felt a lot of stress and emotional tension inside, and had allowed my authenticity and spontaneous joyful expression to be drowned out by expectations and toxic pressures - cultural norms! My attunement to energy led to my discovery of Mantak Chia and the healing practice of inner alchemy qigong, and astrology gave astonishing insights into my true dynamics and potentials. It has become a great purpose to share these tools for self-transformation and healing. 

In astrological consultations, I help clients recognise a deeper sense of their authentic self, their purpose and growth potential in life. It also brings me joy to see clients realise that their character is so connected with the greater whole of the cosmos. A chart reading often inspires a return to living with child-like awe, in which life is truly meaningful and fulfilling, and struggles in life can be used for growth and transmutation. I offer a receptive and uplifting space in which clients often feel inspired to share their experiences if they wish. 

As well as birth charts, forecasts, and relationship readings, I offer a form of divination known as horary astrology. In this type of consultation, I address a specific question or conundrum you are facing, and I am able to guide you through the situation, give you clarity, and likely outcomes. In this technique I have been qualified with the School of Traditional Astrology. I am currently working towards a professional diploma with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and in 2023 I was given the Lindsay Radermacher Award for an outstanding Certificate Exam with distinction.


Inner Alchemy Qigong – transforming stress into vitality. The other dimension of my practice is energetically cleansing and strengthening the body through Taoist (ancient Chinese) meditation and movement practice taught by Mantak Chia and the Universal Healing Tao system. I teach these techniques known broadly as Inner Alchemy Qigong to aid in relieving stress and toxic emotion stored in the body, thereby increasing vitality, and embodying our spiritual and energetic transformation. I am also Country Coordinator for this school in the UK and wish to help spread these amazing teachings.   

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