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How to (not) use crystals for healing

Or, how to enter a more peaceful, sane, and joyful relationship with life.

It hasn’t even been a week since I had the surprising idea to buy some crystals. I’m in no way an ‘expert’ in such matters but I’ve already formed a beautiful energetic communion with the few that I bought. I’ve also discovered that you can access so much information about crystals and stones, and read so much speculation about their specific healing properties, what kinds of energy they possess, how to meditate with them, their historical use, where they come from, etc., etc. It’s no wonder many people would think you’ve solidly flown off into cuckoo land if you say things are looking up since you bought a crystal. I’m not claiming they can heal broken bones, but from my no-expectations beginner experience, their subtle energy can at the very least bring emotional healing, which can obviously in turn resolve all sorts of problems. In this post, rather than teach something I can not teach about, I decided to use my discovery of crystals as a springboard to describe a more all-encompassing philosophy...

These days, we are potentially drowning in information and opinions and the grey area in between, often contradictory, sometimes confusing, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes pernicious, sometimes untrue. So:

Trust yourself, use your intuition.

Some information has been great, undoubtedly, as useful pointers to understanding the crystals better. But tuning into them, letting my senses rest with them, and using my pre-socialised, pre-cacophony-of-the-chattering-world intuition has allowed me to really know them and resonate with them deeper than with worshipping so-called hard facts. We all have it, but this sensitivity is something I’ve been developing, or has been developing me, particularly through the colour healing work with my Taoist meditation and Qigong.

Intuition. How do I know I’m on the right track? It feels right. That could mean it’s deeply enjoyable, or makes me feel clearer, saner, lighter. That has nothing to do with what anyone else might think or say - that’s the tricky bit.

How do you know your friend or your lover? What anyone can observe about their hair colour, about this height, that job, lives here, likes this, dislikes that, useful for this, has that much money, this age, this race? Are those hard facts who they actually are, the basis on which you relate as human beings?

Doesn’t the same go for nature? Does nature work its peace on you when you have the veil of information streaming through the mind “that’s called an oak, 215 years old, originates from…” as if you were capturing the essence of this great, wise, living Being. It’s interesting, no doubt, and necessary in some circumstances to have such information, but this living in label-consciousness brain noise obscures the living magic of the present moment, which is accessed through a quiet mind.

Don’t be a user; don’t be used.

By definition, to ‘resonate’ with a crystal’s energy means that the energy exists already as a potential in me, simply awakened through this special, beautiful object. In reality there is no inside and outside, little me vs big everything else, since I am a microcosm of the universe.

Be super-aware of the trap of the deeply engrained needy attitude “I will use this thing to my advantage; I will use it to heal me (then I can just throw it away)”. Nothing will work with this attitude in a universe based on love and you will constantly be hitting a brick wall. Wouldn’t you be fed up with being used? Have you ever felt used? Not accepted, loved, or understood simply for who you are, but ‘loved’ as a conditional means to an end? Not nice. Totally off-putting. Off-putting to a crystal too, or a plant...

If you want to successfully grow vegetables, love the plants and as one inevitable side effect you will nurture them fantastically; and therefore, they will give you good, tasty, nutritious food. Blandly put: It works both ways. You reap what you sow. That is just the way of the universe.

Understand that everything, including you and I, are One with nature. There is no using (and abusing), but only exchange between apparently different manifestations of One.

Rose Quartz. What is your personal impression?

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