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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 16th May: an invitation for healing individual and collective toxicity

Overcoming inner demons can only be done once the light of awareness has touched them. Then you can start piling the garbage on the compost heap, soon to be used as nutritious life force. This total lunar eclipse (super-powerful full moon, resonating for up to a month before and six months afterwards) in Scorpio on the 16th May 2022 is bringing intense emotions to a head, but hallelujah - we can see them. But...will we choose to hide them, bury them, pretend they don't exist? Fortune favours the brave, and some inner alchemy is being called to be done, in whatever way you choose. This very potent astrological moment is a timely spotlight on timeless wisdom; healing can be done whenever a person is ready for it, but the energy of this time is really, really encouraging it! We are being buoyed up by it. Ask yourself: what no longer serves me? And let it go. The metaphor of inner alchemy resonates with me because of my Qigong practice. Everyone is different in approach but the principle is the same: become aware of toxicity so that it can be released.


For a long time I've had to overcome the sceptical inner voice against hearing serious astrologers being accurate time and time again. After having my own birth chart interpreted by Spiros Philippas and through divinely inspired research, this year I have experienced a great acceleration in understanding. The genius astrologer Pam Gregory is particularly responsible. See her video on the upcoming eclipse here.

The chart below captures the eclipse, 25 degrees Scorpio on the 16th May at 05:14 in London. It's a different language, yes, that just needs to be learnt. In fact, I would guess it won't be too long until it is seriously considered being taught in schools, once we really get into the thick of this paradigm shift we are experiencing on planet Earth. And far beyond sun sign columns in the tabloid newspaper, which divides all human beings into twelve categories. "I'm Taurus, what are you?! Am I gonna be promoted this month?!" No wonder you thought it was fairy-world superstition.

Why healing trauma? Analysis of the chart.

I am giving a very basic and condensed account of the planets, signs and aspects get an actual grasp of what it all means, study is necessary.


  • In any full moon, the sun is opposite the moon in the chart. The Sun in Taurus is the grounded, earthy, peaceful light shining on the Moon in Scorpio, which is intense, potentially secret, mucky, corrupt stuff to do with power in its negative expression. Full moons bring exposure and/or culmination, and are very emotionally sensitive.

  • This is conjunct the Nodal Axis. The North Node, representing our collective destiny, or the qualities we are striving to develop, is a few degrees away from the Sun, encouraging this peaceful and stable (Taurus) new (conjunct also Uranus, representing radical change) Earth (Taurus). The South Node, indicating our collective past and that which we need to release, is with the Moon in Scorpio: therefore, the Scorpionic 'sewage' is being illuminated by the Taurus Sun for release.

  • The red triangle linking all of this to Saturn in Aquarius is a T-Square, which can be highly productive but represents struggle. There is an emphasis on the tug of war of destiny (Nodes) between old structures (Saturn) and new structures (in Aquarius). For a little context, Saturn (authority) entered Aquarius (new) in March 2020, when lockdowns first hit, and retrograded back into Capricorn (top-down) temporarily until the first Covid-jabs were distributed in December 2020. Saturn will enter dreamy Pisces in March 2023.


  • Pluto in Capricorn is trine the Sun and sextile Moon, adding into the mix the ability for us to step into our own power, whilst digging up the sewage of the powerful. The aspect of trine or sextile is a harmonious, complimentary relationship between two planets.

  • Neptune conjunct Mars is bringing spiritual assertion or intuitive action, sextile the Sun and trine the moon. Look at those two almost symmetrical blue triangles - with Pluto and Neptune/Mars communicating in sextile to complete this pattern!

  • Jupiter (expansion), having just entered assertive Aries on the "World Axis" (potential to be in front of public) is sextile Mercury in Gemini (thinking/communication) and semi-square Uranus (radical, new), bringing the energy of big, new thinking.

  • Chiron (wounded healer) is conjunct Venus (love/finance), highlighting wounding in relationships and/or bringing needed healing in this area in the action oriented sign of Aries.

All the major planets are in aspect with at least one other at the this lunar eclipse! And I find it poetic that for London time it is happening on the Ascendant-Descendant Axis, (because it is happening at sunrise) which in a chart denotes the relationship of self to other. And Pluto, representing transformation and power, conjunct the Midheaven (MC) representing public image, in Capricorn, the sign of authority and establishment. The transformation of power structures in the spotlight? A focus on Britain's relationship with the world? Put into context with the rest of the chart in this moment, I find this fascinating. The full moon is also exactly conjunct Queen Elizabeth's MC and Saturn, shining a light on a potential culmination to do with public status.

Imagine this chart as a gong being struck and being able to hear its particular tone for six months. That is the effect of an eclipse.

If you want to see more specifically how it might affect you, you can have a look to see where 25 degrees Scorpio falls in your own birth chart, if you know your birth time. For me, this moon falls in my first house of self, identity, approach to life etc., so I particularly feel what I have described about the healing purging in this area. It also makes strong aspects to a whole host of sensitive natal planets, including my sun, since it is my birthday (solar return) the day after, and my very own troublesome/productive Ascendant-Descendant oriented T-Square of Pluto in Scorpio, Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius.

There often seems to be an infinite amount of analysis and interpretation that could be done, especially when you are looking at transits to a birth chart, or synastry, putting two birth charts together for relationship analysis. There's a lot to know about astrology, and it now excites me a ridiculous amount. Maybe I sound nutty, but I don't care because it's shown me validity again and again, and it has, in Pam Gregory's words, really revealed itself as the secret language of the universe.

2022 is another eventful year, but stay in peace as best you can, and you could even appreciate the drama as if you were watching a play. Which, if we want to get deep, is what this 3D Earth Matrix really is anyway...

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