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New Moon in Gemini 30th May: observe the mind and attract new possibilities

For those wanting to create meaningful change, setting an intention or planting a metaphorical seed at the time of a new moon is very potent, and using astrology as an energetic guide will help us focus and enhance the nature of that intention. Let the intention emerge not from lack, panic or frustration, but from a deeper place of peace so it is in the service of collective peace.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. - Rumi

If you always think how you've always thought, you'll always do what you've always done, so you'll always get what you've always got. - Unknown (at least to me)

In this season of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, our thinking processes, how we communicate and our style of interaction is in the spotlight. Mercury is also retrograde (appears to travel backwards from our perspective) for a few weeks, which has a hysterical reputation for causing communication misunderstandings, travel chaos and admin errors. However, this is a time best used to review thought processes; a retrograde of thought, so to speak. Also pay close attention to what your mind is saying you want. Quality thought comes from a place of stillness. The highest intention is always peace, but the mind comes back in and says "yeah, but what's in it for me?!" You are either truly ready for peace or you are not. So, what do you want?

A break to remind ourselves of what is more important:

I want to emphasise that these astrological updates are shining a light on aspects of eternal wisdom. Place your awareness inside on the immovable presence 'I am'. Astrology describes form; our play in this world, not essence. Your essence is untouchable; the still centre around which the planets orbit.

Back to the astrology...

Gemini has also got to do with curiosity, possibilities and choices. So, see at this time how your sense of possibility can be sabotaged by ingrained negative thought patterns. The way through is by shining the piercing light of awareness onto them. See what kind of chatter, twitter and media is influencing your thinking. What are you unconsciously feeding your energy to? Who and what energy are you surrounding yourself with? Since we remain in that Scorpio eclipse energy I wrote about previously, use that heightened awareness of toxicity to shed bad thinking and communication habits. Because this new moon lands in my 7th House of relationships and interpersonal style, my awareness is on how thinking habits can block how I relate to others or potential significant others! See which house 9 degrees of Gemini falls in your chart.

Another big theme to be aware of is FIRE, as Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Aries. This could be an energy of vigorous fresh conviction, driven optimism, an urge to travel or learn, or an expanded drive to 'attack' in a positive or negative sense. How is your fire energy used, particularly with your words (Gemini)? Will it be in the service of conflict, or in the service of love? This is up to you!

Mercury is really a focal planet at this new moon. As well as what I have already mentioned above, Mercury (retrograde) is trine to Pluto, signifying transformation of thinking/communication, square Saturn, in the best outcome bringing great discipline to thoughts and intentions, and sextile Neptune, giving it a spiritual or inspired context.

Venus has entered her rulership Taurus, so for a month she is particularly comfortable bringing gifts of sensuality, appreciation of beauty, love and gentleness.

Venus and Taurus also have associations to material possessions and finance, the formalised construction of energetic exchange. Today I discovered Michael Tellinger and ordered his book called "Ubuntu Contributionism", a spiritually connected 'economic model'. It involves a look at how the abundant resources of this Earth have (not) been shared for thousands of years, a fraud based on a deeply engrained perception which promotes competition in all aspects of our lives, rather than co-operation. We have to get off that depraved mental hamster wheel of comparison and competition, and instead feel that natural deep connection with everyone and everything: loving thy neighbour as thyself. It's time to be ambitious for the collective, and ambitious in how you can serve the collective, not just 'little me'.

Thoughts define with what you create here!

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